Black Baccara Perfume Oils Has Been Resurrected

I first opened Black Baccara in 2011 and it quickly rose to become one of the favorite indie perfume companies of artisan perfume oil lovers around the world. It grew much faster than I anticipated, and in 2014, after much deliberation and with much sadness, I closed the shop because I was involved in several visual art projects that didn’t allow time for such a quickly burgeoning business. Over the years, I thought of Black Baccara longingly, because even though I continued to create unique perfumes for myself and my friends, I missed sharing them with the world and being able to touch others with such a sensory form of art.

This year I decided that it was time for the resurrection of Black Baccara. In the almost three years since I had been gone, my love for the art of perfume only grew stronger, to the point where the arduous task of “starting all over again” is something that I am very excited about. I am so happy to finally be able to implement all of the ideas that have been brewing for all of this time!

The process of resurrecting Black Baccara in its entirety will be a gradual one, since it involves quite a bit, but my goal is to start with at least five blends and gradually expand the line from there. I will be reformulating many old favorites as well as working on brand new blends.

I am aiming for a September 1st launch. I am especially looking forward to Autumn and cannot wait to start blending all of the magical scents of the season. The first blend that I am bringing back is Carnival Of Ghosts, one of my best sellers and one of my personal favorites. If you were a fan of this blend, you will find it’s new incarnation to be even more complex and beautiful. I hope to launch it just in time for Autumn.

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Thank you so much to all of you who supported this work when I first began. I hope to see you on this next phase of the journey.