Emerging With The Black Rose Bell Jar

kalliope amorphous
Kalliope Amorphous, Handmade Bell Jar Necklace.

I realize this blog has been a bit dormant lately, so I thought I would emerge from the virtual WordPress shadows and start posting more regularly to introduce those who follow me here to some of my new projects. When I am not balancing time with my photographic projects, I have been focusing primarily on mixed media, art jewelry, and olfactory art these days. A lot of fans of my work follow me on Instagram, but I realize not everyone is on Instagram, so I thought I would switch things up a bit! I thought this blog would be a nice place to share some of the new things that I have been releasing.

I started making these Victorian inspired dried rose bell jar pendants last month and finally released them today. They each feature a small dried red rose that has taken on the look of a black rose during the drying prices. The caps of the bell jar are a beautiful antique bronze and the entire assemblage is suspended from a vintage gold tone and black acrylic rosary chain.

You can learn more about this piece, see more photos, acquire one for yourself by visiting my website at http://www.blackbaccaraoils.com

Handmade bell jar pendant